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180/55-17 Motorcycle Tires

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Spend less time browsing and more time riding when you score 180/55-17 tires from RevZilla. These 180/55-17 motorcycle tires are perfect for folks covering city streets on sport bikes and V-Twins plus ADV riders who need something a bit beefy. We know that interpreting tire code can occasionally cause confusion, so we’ve spelled everything out for you in our dive into tire terminology! Get up-to-speed on everything rubber-related then check out our 180/55-17 motorcycle tires!

There’s no science to reading tire codes once you know the order. In our case, 180/55-17 motorcycle tires have a section width of 180 millimeters and this is the left-to-right portion that spends most of its time planted to the ground. The 55 in this case denotes a sidewall height that’s 55 percent of the width. Finally, these tires are for rims with a 17-inch diameter. For the most exact measurement, you’ll want to take the wheels and current tires off your bike and measure from the inner bead where the tire sits — not from outer rim to outer rim. You’ll be able to buy the exact tire you want once armed with this information!

All the leading brands offering 180/55-17 motorcycle tires are here, including Avon, Continental, Dunlop, Pirelli, Shinko and more. The variety in their products is a huge boost for riders, who can find just what they need when it comes to tread, ply, speed rating, grip, mileage expectations and more. That freedom of choice puts the fun in parts shopping — get the tire that’s going to go right onto your rim, but make personal tweaks with all these differences in manufacturing.