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Dual Sport Helmets



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Dual sport Motorcycle Helmets are typically hybrid-style helmets geared for adventurous riders who enjoy both on and off-road travel on a single ride. With a wider periphery and configuration the ability to wear goggles under the face shield is a common feature of dual sport helmets. Dual sport helmets commonly feature a wider face opening, encouraging the wear of goggles and have an attached visor to block the sun and additional debris while riding. Dual sport helmets are the cross between a street and a dirt helmet and are typically good for all conditions and weather. Their price can range from $100 to $700. With the boom of adventure riding in North America in the last decade, many manufacturers have developed hybrid-style helmets to appeal to riders of this genre. Check out dual sport motorcycle helmets from Arai, Shoei, Shark, AFX and Icon. Call them what you will: enduro, supermoto, motard, hybrid or dual sport , they all get the on/off road job done!