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Dirt Bike Tires

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Tires for your dirt bike are far different than for other types of motorcycles. You need grip, durability, and most of all -- the right fitment! For those reasons, dirt bike tires are something to really study up on before making a final purchase. Depending on your intended use, the various choices of dirtbike tires can impact the success (and enjoyment) of your ride in a multitude of ways. So, as you take aim on the trails of the world, be sure to equip yourself properly with the requisite set of dirt bike tires.

Choose from our selection of dirt bike tires for a set of knobbies suited for the race track, single track, or the homemade dirt track behind your buddy’s house. Whether you’re racing motocross or tackling enduro trails, the right dirt bike tires will give you the rugged durability and grip needed to take on any terrain. Search through our selection with speed by using the tire size finder to narrow down your options to find the right size for your bike’s rims. If you’re looking for a matching set, make sure to reenter the rim size when toggling between front and rear tires.