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Motorcycle Chain Lube

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Motorcycle Chain & Cable Lube

If you ride a motorcycle with a final drive chain, you need to regularly clean and lubricate it to ensure long life, low rolling resistance and safe operation. Chain failure can not only leave you stranded—it can lay waste to unsuspecting aluminum trans cases and countershaft sprocket covers too. No bueno. So what is the best motorcycle chain lube? Take your pick. Some riders swear by a certain brand or a certain clean application spray, and some prefer a thicker motorcycle chain wax or paste for adhesion. For what it's worth, we put together a curated list of our favorite motorcycle chain lubes here!

What’s most important is that you service your chain regularly and use a dedicated motorcycle chain lubricant (no, WD-40 is not the same thing). And while you’re at it, grab some motorcycle cable lube and hit your clutch and throttle cables too! RevZilla also carries an excellent selection of other specialty motorcycle lubricants—including engine assembly lube and anti seize compound—so you can always count on RevZilla to keep your bike running like a well lubricated machine!