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Waterproof Motorcycle Boots & Shoes



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Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

Better safe — and dry — than sorry. That's the advantage of waterproof motorcycle boots, which provide a variable level of protection to every type of rider. Naturally, the most important feature when browsing waterproof motorcycle boots is protection they offer against the elements. A waterproof motorcycle boot can vary greatly in price, from $90 through $500; as the price increases, the waterproofing and breathability become better along with the levels of comfort and protection. The easy part is keeping water out. Creating a waterproof boot that lets your foot breathe and also wicks moisture away is what presents a challenge to manufacturers.

Top-of-the-line waterproof motorcycle boots feature a waterproof breathable membrane to fend off external water while letting evaporating perspiration escape from your foot. The best waterproof boots use GORE-TEX®, or their branded proprietary take on the same membrane, to keep your foot dry and cool. If you have any questions on how the array of waterproof motorcycle boots stack up against one another, feel free to contact TeamZilla and we'll be happy to help.