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Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves



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Waterproof motorcycle gloves offer an array of protection to the casual or hardcore rider, but have one thing in common - protection from the elements. Typically, as waterproof motorcycle gloves go up in cost and features, waterproofing and breathability improve. Keeping your hands dry is the easy part. Designing a glove to allow your hands to breath and wick away perspiration is the tougher challenge. The best waterproof motorcycle gloves use a waterproof breathable membrane to keep external water out while allowing water vapor in the form of evaporating sweat from your hand to pass through. The best waterproof motorcycle gloves, use GORE-TEX® as the membrane to keep your hand dry and comfortable. Typically, external venting is not present on waterproof motorcycle gloves. For additional help choosing a waterproof glove contact TeamZilla via phone or email.