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UTV & ATV Tire Repairs

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That tell-tale "hiss" can cause your heart to sink so be prepared to carry out UTV and ATV tire repairs with the assortment of products you’ll find on this page. The harsh truth is that a flat tire on your off-road machine can happen in a matter of minutes. Or, you’ve been dealing with a slow yet aggravating leak that forces a top-up on air every time you’re headed out. What you need is a UTV or ATV tire patch that’s going to seal, plug or otherwise stop the leak from the tube, treads or sidewall. It’s a straightforward job and with enough practice, you’ll be able to patch and plug a ATV tire or UTV tire. Ready to learn how? Then let’s get started!

Plugging Tubeless Tires On Your ATV Or UTV

Like those on your car, truck or street-legal motorcycle, the tires on your OHV can be fixed right up with a UTV or ATV tire plug kit. (Be sure to check out the preceding link for some good visual cues!) The kits available here will allow you to do the following in this order: clean the hole where the puncture occurred with a reamer, insert the glue-laden plug strip with the plugger, trim the excess and fill the tire with a C02 cylinder. A few words of advice and caution: the trick to getting the plug strip itself to stay in place is by inserting it well over half-way into the tire and then using a rapid pull-out motion to remove the plugger.

Patching Tubes On Your ATV OR UTV

If you run a tube inside your tires, then a UTV or ATV tire patch can get you up and running. While not recommended as a permanent fix, it will certainly seal the puncture and allow you to continue traveling with confidence. We would suggest replacing the repaired tube with a new one when possible. A kit to fix your deflated tube will allow you to do the following: Rough up the area where the leak is, cover that area with rubber cement, firmly apply the patch centered over the hole, coat with another layer of rubber cement and finally, refill the tube with air to get you on your way. One worthwhile trick to see if your patch job worked is to submerge the punctured portion of tube in a bucket of water and look for air bubbles escaping. No bubbles? Then pat yourself on the back for a job done right.

Using UTV & ATV Tire Patch Sidewall Kits

Repairing a ripped, sliced or punctured sidewall is a bit more involved, but completely do-able given the right tools, know-how and a UTV or ATV tire patch sidewall kit. The tubeless tire needs to come off the rim and you’ll need tire irons to bite your way around the bead to remove it. The sidewall repair process is done from the inside of the tire and generally follows the same steps as sealing up a tube leak, although the patch used here is considerably beefier than one that will contour to a thinner tube. You’ll scuff up the problem area, apply rubber cement, apply a patch, press it on firmly and refill with CO2 approximately 20 minutes later once you’ve remounted the tire on the rim.

Other Tools Of The Trade

Additional accessories alongside these patches and plugs include tire irons to get the rubber off the rim and electrical inflators when CO2 isn’t enough. All told, these aren’t difficult jobs, but practice will make perfect so a few attempts in the shop or home base will give you the courage and knowledge to tackle it on the trail. Looking for an even quicker fix? Consider tire racks for a quick swap-out.