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UTV & ATV Sand Tires

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When you need to get a grip on loose sand, RevZilla has the ATV and UTV sand tires to get the job done. You don't want to hit the dunes with just any tire. You need specialized paddle tires made for ATVs and UTVs to maintain control in this challenging terrain. They're often called paddle tires because they feature deep, widely-spaced treads that shovel sand to create reliable traction where other tire types fail. Take off and reach high speeds on sand while avoiding getting stuck with this rubber on your ride.

Unlike most tire setups, you'll need different ATV or UTV sand tires for the front and back of your vehicle. Let's start with the most critical section: the back tires. There are three popular versions of paddle tires built to be exclusively mounted in the back. The first and most common are straight paddle treads that provide the best power, but suffer from a wider turning radius. You'll gain easier turning capability in V-paddle variants, but you'll sacrifice a little “push” power compared to the straight paddle design. Finally, off-set paddles are a specialty tread great for lower horsepower and lighter machines.

Now let's turn to UTV and ATV front sand tires. You don't need to install paddle tires in the front. Instead, there are other sand-specific options to consider for the front tires. Some people choose to run all-terrain tires on the front, which provides a little steering boost, but doesn't quite offer the same performance as specialized sand tires. Of course, mounting all-terrain tires is a good way to save a little money. However, if you demand superior handling, then you'll want ribbed front tires. These feature a tread in the middle of the tire that helps bite into the sand when turning. Ribbed tires will slow you down a little, so for max speeds, smooth tires are the way to go. Of course, you will lose some turning ability as there are no treads to dig into the sand. (Note: some smooth tires have ribbed edges to slightly improve turning capabilities.)

No matter what tire you choose, RevZilla ensures you find the best price possible with our Price Match Guarantee. Pair this with our RPM loyalty program, and you'll start earning rewards and discounts for future purchases right away. Perks include 5% RPM cash back, 10% off exclusive brands and fast, free 2-day shipping. It's the best way to shop for ATV and UTV sand tires! Don't forget, running sand tires on other terrain is a bad idea. So always keep a reliable set of all-terrain tires when you're towing a trailer, as well.