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Premium Handcrafted Helmets

Premium Handcrafted Helmets

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Arai Helmets

Arai Motorcycle Helmets are a product of constant innovation and are the perfect marriage between functionality, safety technology and race-inspired design. Steeped in tradition, Arai has been producing 100% hand-made motorcycle helmets since 1926 with its focus squarely on the evolution of comfort, quality and safety without exception.

Today Arai offers a full line of both street and off-road Motorcycle Helmets which can be seen circling the track by top pros such as Nicky Hayden, Dani Pedrosa and Noriyuki Haga. Arai’s street helmets include the Corsair V, RX-Q, Signet-Q, Vector 2, Defiant, CT-Z, XC and XD-4 helmets. The Arai Corsair V helmet, traditionally, has been recognized by many as the most premium race helmet in the world. However, as of the Summer of 2015, its successor the Arai Corsair X took the title as it was introduced to much fanfare around the globe. The Signet-Q and Arai RX-Q helmet were designed to meet the needs of serious street riders and track enthusiasts, obtaining much of their DNA from the Corsair V helmet. One of the most versatile helmets in Arai’s line is the Vector 2. The Arai Vector 2 helmet has the attributes needed to withstand the demands of spirited street riding and the mild mannerisms needed to play nicely in the sport touring world. Arai took the opposite approach with the Defiant helmet. The Arai Defiant was created specifically for the rider of naked bikes. Its integrated chin spoiler improves head stability by channeling wind around the helmet. Bringing Arai’s street line full circle are the Arai CT-Z and XC open-face helmets, built for riders who enjoy Arai’s attention to detail and craftsmanship, but don’t want the all-encompassing full-face fit.

Entering into Arai’s off-road line we’re introduced to two staple products, the Arai XD-4 and VX-Pro 4 Helmets. The XD-4 helmets are a street and trail hybrid. They’re capable of heavy offroad segments with the occasional on road jaunt to the next trail system. The Arai XD-4 is the Corsair V of dual sport helmets. True to Arai’s tradition of being the best, their VX-Pro helmet can be seen on the top off-road riders around the world. It’s plush interior, superior aerodynamics and lightweight design make the VX-Pro a serious contender in the professional and amateur ranks.

Arai has always stood by its claim that quality and safety will not be compromised or influenced by profitability and the result of this is Arai enjoying a place high atop the motorcycle helmet food chain. Arai Helmets include a 5-Year Warranty.  Arai Motorcycle Helmets sold by RevZilla are US DOT approved and many are Snell M2005 or Snell M2010 approved, see product listing for exact certification.

RevZilla is an Arai authorized e-dealer and one of the largest Arai helmet dealers in the US. If you are unsure which Arai Helmet will be perfect for you give us a call at 877-792-9455 or contact Customer Service and someone at TeamZilla will be happy to walk through the finer points.

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Arai Helmets products have an average rating of 4.5/5.0 from 2113 reviews