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Arai Signet-X Helmets

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The next iteration of the Signet-Q Helmet, previous undisputed champion of long oval, the Arai Signet-X Helmet did not usurp the throne with diplomacy, but with an overwhelming siege of force and the unrelenting currents of time. The Signet Q has yielded to the Japanese' complete lack of complacency in design, the practice of kaizen - the continual improvement. The technologic, ergonomic and performance features of the Signet X at the time of its introduction simply blow everything else in the long oval arena away, including the previous Signet. Using the VAS shield system with extremely wide field of vision, there are both Pinlock and Arai Pro Shade options available. For the long oval track, sport bike, or touring rider, the Arai Signet X Helmet is one of the finest pieces of safety equipment money can buy - and the way it will upgrade your ride in terms of comfort and quiet is worth every penny.