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Arai Corsair X Helmets

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Showing up to the table with a newly minted iteration of an industry leader is something that doesn’t happen often. With the introduction of the Arai Corsair X helmets, however, that is exactly what has come to fruition. After years of producing the world-class Corsair V, the motorcycle helmet gurus at Arai have crafted a noticeably improved version. Arai Corsair X motorcycle helmets are a supremely designed, meticulously precise, and intricately functional race helmet that stands high atop the podium of the best in the business. In true Arai fashion, the updates are real rather than merely cosmetic, and showcase tangible improvements.

While the Corsair series, and all Arai helmets for that matter, are constructed of the absolute finest materials with the sleekest designs, the real claim to fame comes in the technological superiority and attention to safety that they so ardently champion. With the new Corsair X helmet, they have really moved the bar another rung up. Per the usual.

One of the largest improvements of the Arai Corsair X is seen in the signature Arai sidepod location. In lowering the mechanism by 24mm, they were able to allow for one of the most important areas of the helmet to be protected by a solid portion of the shell, rather than the top of what would have been the old face shield mechanism. At the same time, they have upgraded the face shield locking mechanism itself on the Corsair X so that it more resembles that of the F1 racing helmets. This will offer a better ease of usage and in conjunction with the new shield changing mechanism itself, will allow for super ease of use on the Corsair X. Additional upgrades include an extended diffuser that creates better airflow throughout while improving aerodynamics, a lighter shell construction, and an upgraded interior that allows for a more customizable fitment.

Expected Graphics for the Arai Corsair X Helmets:

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