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Arai Defiant Helmets

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The Arai Defiant Helmet was designed with the naked sport bike rider in mind. Especially over the last decade, the lean, mean "streetfighter" style has become popular, and the Defiant carries that aggressive, no-frills style over to your helmet. Formerly known as the Arai Rebel helmet, the Arai Defiant was designed to match the look while providing features which will cater to a protective, stable and functional helmet.

The fit is similar to the Quantum with an intermediate round shape to the aggressive shell. The new chin spoiler wing on the Arai Defiant Helmet will allow for better stability in a variety of riding positions on a bike with no fairing, while the redesigned chin vents have been added just to be boss on this much more aggro' lid from Arai. 

In a further functional and stylistic spin, Arai offers the Defiant in their "Pro-Cruise" variant as well. The Defiant Pro Cruise includes Pinlock right out of the box, and, more notably, the Arai Pro-Shade external sun visor system. When deployed, the Pro shade offers coverage similar to an internal sun visor. When retracted, the Pro Shade also acts like a peak visor or baseball cap, blocking sun glare from further up rather than right before your eyes.

This dual sunshade achieves similar functionality as that of an internal sun visor, without sacrificing EPS impact-absorbing material at the forehead in order to garage the visor. As a result, the Arai Defiant Pro Cruise is one of the very few elite helmets that offers such a shade while maintaining the most stringent SNELL foundation safety certification. True track-level safety and convenient function without compromise.

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