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Arai Vector 2 Helmets

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The features of the Arai Vector 2 are focused on safety and convenience. This means a wider face shield for better view of the road using an SAI visor similar to the shield used in the Corsair V and RX-Q helmets, an enlarged front duct and switch, a larger rear duct that creates 50 percent more vacuum (increased air flow), larger side vents, a replaceable interior liner and a modified ventilation system. The interior has also been improved to allow better air flow around the head, offering a more comfortable fit with a focus on alleviating pressure points.

Arai Vector 2 helmets have a neutral "intermediate oval" shape and should fit very similarly to the original Arai Vector helmet. It should fit most head shapes well. The Arai Vector 2 continues the hugely popular "less-is-more" Vector model, one that quickly became a major seller. Like its predecessor, the Arai Vector 2 is specifically created for riders who don’t need all the bells and whistles. But who can imagine not getting the Arai family’s three generations of handmade magic in craftsmanship, protection, performance, comfort and fit?