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Youth Motocross Neck Braces

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A spill can happen in a split second and neck injuries are all too common in our sport. Eliminate unnecessary risk with a youth motocross neck brace from RevZilla and give your kid a fighting chance out there on the track or trail. Our selection of youth dirt bike neck braces and race collars are designed with younger bodies in mind so shop with confidence.

Knee and elbow pads are commonplace today, but the use of neck braces in youth motocross still lags behind. We know some parents and guardians are wondering if neck braces work for motocross. Since a youth dirt bike neck brace can help prevent common injuries like axial compression, hyperextension and lateral hyperflexion, you’ll have a solid protective setup. The ability to pair neck braces with chest protectors lets you double up on safety, too. Add in all-around upper body protection plus roost deflection and your kid will be racing with a clear head. The same goes for collars, which add another affordable layer of neck safety worth investing in.

Now is the time to add a youth motocross neck brace and race collar to your kid's kit and give them an age-appropriate piece of apparel. Choose the best in rider safety equipment right here at RevZilla!