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Kids Dirt Bike Safety Gear

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Like it or not, motocross is a contact sport. Youth dirt bike protective gear is designed to defend your child from bumps and bruises that come with the territory. Running into a rock, tree branch or fellow rider on the track and trail is more common than some parents may think. Hence the need to be proactive and outfit your boy or girl in the best kids dirt bike safety gear currently available. You’ll both have more peace of mind knowing that an assortment of protectors, pads, plastic shields, braces and deflectors are working together to form motocross body armor.

As a parent or guardian, you’ve likely already wondered “what protective gear will my child will need for motocross?” Dirt biking at any age can be a safe and exhilarating sport if the proper precautions are taken. This means dirt bike protective gear for kids and those options come in a huge assortment of styles and functions. Neck and chest protection is accomplished with support collars and plastic armor, respectively. Kids knee and elbow pads are designed with racing in mind so these kids dirt bike pads have little in common with ones used in other sports.

The overall package of protection is something some local tracks and race organizers will require of all riders. Picking these products up now and letting your kid get used to riding with them on long before race way will give them a better idea of the fit and feel before it's time to get competitive.  If you’re wondering which types of youth motocross body armor will best serve your kid for the next ride, reach out to RevZilla’s customer service crew! These are the experts when it comes to youth dirt bike protective gear and they’ll steer you — and your child — in the right direction.