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Kids Dirt Bike Boots

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We’ve all stubbed our toes before. Now try doing it at 30mph against a rock or log and see how that feels. The point here is this: a kid dirt bike boot is designed to defend against serious pain that can happen when riding off-road. These preventable injuries are all too common in dirt riding so outfit your child in the best kids motocross boot styles currently available.

You’ll quickly recognize the leading names in youth MX boots because it’s the same brands that have been building adult ones for decades. What’s more, the innovative design features found in bigger boots have been carried over to their lines of kids riding boots. You can expect to find wrap-around protection from shin and calf to ankle and toe. This is accomplished with metal toe caps, injection molded buckles, abrasion plates and other adjustable components that will tailor-fit these kid dirt bike boots to young MX riders.

Your child is going to put their foot down during the next ride or race — it’s inevitable. Make sure their lower legs are wrapped up in kids riding boots from RevZilla to stop a flex or bend from causing an unexpected injury. Be sure to check out the rest of our MX riding inventory right here and consider picking up a few pairs of motocross socks to keep their feet feeling fresh.