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When it comes to the “cool guy” outfit, it begins and ends with one — and only one — piece of gear: the classic leather motorcycle jacket. End of story. Shut the book. No others need apply. Vintage motorcycle jackets are as cool as it gets. They define what it is to seek the open road and they exude a calmness and confidence that is unparalleled in this or any other decade. Who wears these jackets, you ask? Rockstars. Legendary adventurers. Fighter pilots. Movie stars. Intergalactic cowboy lumberjacks who swing sequoia-sized axes of freedom. That’s who.

Vintage leather motorcycle jackets have come a long way since they were, well... not vintage. In this expansive selection of classic jackets there are an equally robust set of motorcycle protection features that set them apart from their predecessors. By combining the outward look and feel of retro leather motorcycle jackets with the technological improvements in protective features such as body armor and material reinforcements, the current set of throwback jackets brings a ton to the proverbial table. Long story made short, classic leather motorcycle jackets tell a story that you want to be part of, without setting you back decades to do so.