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Schuberth Helmet Communicators

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Schuberth Helmet Communications

Schuberth helmet communication systems are Bluetooth headsets that integrate seamlessly with Schuberth helmets. Their headsets are designed to replace helmet collars (neck rolls) or to install via clip in modules where other universal headset brands are affixed to the outside of the helmet. This makes a Schuberth Bluetooth helmet much more sleek since it lacks an external control module on the outside of the helmet to catch wind. A Schuberth Bluetooh system is helmet specific so be sure to pick out the correct system that was made for your helmet. Once a Schuberth Bluetooth headset has completed pairing with a smartphone or motorcycle specific GPS, the audio from the device is streamed directly into the headset's speakers. This allows you to listen to GPS audio prompts, phone calls and music.