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Motorcycle Horn

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Announce your presence with force, and add a little style in the process, when you select a motorcycle horn from RevZilla. Drivers are more clueless than ever these days, and sometimes your stock horn simply doesn't grab their attention. Stop playing around and pack an extra punch with powerful motorcycle air horns. All the top brands are here, including Arlen Ness, Denali, Kleinn, Kuryakyn, Performance Machine, XTC Power and more. While a stock air horn produces around 100 decibels, loud motorcycle horns can range up to 120 decibels. Try ignoring that horn blast, distracted drivers!

How To Choose A Motorcycle Horn

Here are a few guidelines to help you pair the right motorcycle horn to your bike. Most motorcycle horns work by vibrating a diaphragm in a tube mounted near the front of the bike. Press the horn button and the diaphragm will continue to vibrate and produce noise until you release it. Some loud motorcycle horns create dual tones for a sound that is easier to hear. Most stock horns work like this, but you can find more powerful horns that use this setup, as well. However, if you really want to blow the socks off everyone around, then motorcycle air horns are the way to go. These use small air compressors to increase vibration on the diaphragm. Do note: they can take up more space, and sometimes the horn is split into two components so it isn't too bulky at the front of your bike. In addition, you'll need an extra power relay if you opt for an air horn. For a deeper dive into horn function and repair, click over to “How Motorcycle Horns Work And How To Fix Them”for more insight.

Easy Install, Extra Style

Now that you've chosen the right style of horn, it's time to talk install. Most horns are plug and play, and you can swap out the stock or failing horn easily at home. As we mentioned, don't forget to add a new wiring harness if needed. Some horns are make and model specific, so use our “Select Your Vehicle” feature when in doubt. In addition to that head-turning whine in your new horn, you can gain a fresh accent point with a motorcycle horn cover. These shield your horn components and create a unified look in your engine. Of course, you can always just add a motorcycle horn cover for style purposes if you're happy with your stock horn. Remember, if your horn isn't working, the best place to start is to check the fuses and pick up a replacement in our electrical parts section. Finally, save more on your horn upgrade and everything else you need with our Riders Plus Membership -- join today!