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Lithium Ion Motorcycle Batteries

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Upgrading to a lithium ion motorcycle battery is an easy way to reduce your bike’s weight while also increasing its reliability. Lithium batteries outperform their lead-acid and AGM counterparts on every measurable level, including power density, battery life, charging time, temperature sensitivity and weight... just to name a few. Lithium motorcycle batteries can also be placed in any orientation, which makes them popular with custom builders who need some creative solutions to battery placement.

There are plenty of proven products here to pick from, but we know the burning question: which is the best lithium motorcycle battery? You'll have to hit that link and read the definitive guide for our staff picks. You'll also need a specific battery charger that's compatible with lithium-ion technology, so make sure you've got that covered. If you have any questions about which lithium motorcycle battery is right for you, reach out to our Gear Geeks and let our product experts help you find the perfect choice.