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Kids Motorcycle Armor

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Don’t let safety concerns get in the way. If your child wants to ride, give them kids motorcycle armor and you’ll protect their body from the unexpected. RevZilla is proud to provide armored chest and back protectors, knee and elbow pads alongside various braces and deflectors for kids. This assortment of top-of-the-line hard goods will keep your kid safe in a fall, slide or run-in with a tree limb. There’s a never-ending array of objects that can delay or derail a ride; it’s up to you to outfit your kid in gear that’ll absorb the impact and keep motoring on.

Parents: Do you want a confidence boost? Then a roost deflector is Exhibit A when it comes to functional motorcycle armor. When your child puts on one of these purpose-built pieces of armor, they’re proactively defending themselves from flying sticks and stones from the dirt and road. These little pieces of debris, no matter how small, can hurt on a magnitude amplified by speed and size. A flexible yet firm piece of chest armor will make short work of such flying objects. A full-on armored jacket is another advisable item of youth gear, as it can combine the roles of chest, elbow and shoulder protector. If you’re not looking to outfit your child in a full on suit of armor, one-offs like knee pads, elbow pads or race collars will help keep body parts safe while still staying comfortable and correctly aligned. Just don’t forget to have them put on a helmet!

Motorcycling, no matter the type of bike or preferred riding surface, can turn into a lifelong hobby. Giving your child the apparel they need to ride confidently can put them in the right frame of mind for fun riding that pushes them (ever so slightly) past the comfort zone.