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It’s easier than ever to stay connected with friends and music while riding your motorcycle. The answer is simple, get a bluetooth motorcycle helmet!  Bluetooth technology that integrates into your riding helmet guarantees you’ll never miss a GPS direction, phone call, or tune while you ride. Most helmets today are universally ‘Bluetooth-ready’ which means that you can fit a set of speakers and microphone into almost any shell. But some riders choose to skip the hassle of installation and go with an integrated system instead. With a built-in system you don’t have to worry about researching fitment because your helmet is ready to ride, right out of the box!

Integrated systems have become more popular because certain helmet types can be tricky to use with a universal system. For example, modular helmets with their moving chin bar make installing a clamp-style bluetooth helmet unit difficult. The great news is that a lot of brands now work with helmet manufacturers to create systems that fit seamlessly into the helmet design. While browsing our selection you’ll find full-face, open-face, and even dual-sport helmet models that benefit from this technology.