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Youth Motorcycle Helmets

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They know it’s game time when the youth motorcycle helmet goes on. No more putting around in the parking lot — let’s ride. There’s a real sense of empowerment that comes from picking out one’s own helmet, and why shouldn’t there be? The style, brand, color, logos, designs and add-ons make these kid riders feel like they’re in the big leagues. RevZilla’s selection of full-face, dirt and open face helmets deliver DOT protection complimented by the looks they’re after.

Those who ride know there’s no exception to the rule: your boy or girl puts on their youth helmet for every journey. What if you’re a parent or guardian who doesn’t have a background in motorcycling? What design features and other attributes should you be looking for? We’re happy to help answer that question with a full rundown on helmet sizing here. Safety ratings, including DOT-approved helmets for kids, should also be high on your list. This rating is a gold standard in the US and means the youth size helmet you are considering has met federal guidelines. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this stamp of approval you’ll find on the back of OK’d helmets is both self-certified by manufacturers and backed up by select NHTSA testing.

Every form of riding requires a motorcycle helmet for your child. Better safe than sorry” is also a good mantra to follow, but remember that we’re talking about your kid’s well-being here. Let them enjoy the freedom that comes from riding, but make sure these kids do it with the appropriate size and style of helmet.