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Kids Motorcycle Pants

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When your child decides to throw a leg over their bike, make sure the kids motorcycle pants they are wearing are up for the job. Shop RevZilla today and pick out the perfect pair of youth pants for their next ride. These flashy and functional pieces of apparel blend the brands they love with the features you demand in a pair of professional-grade pants. Perfect for the dirt or any other surface you can ride a motorcycle on, find out what we’ve got in store for your boy or girl!

Why motorcycle pants for kids over something off the shelf at your local big box store? There’s really no common thread between the two, but here’s the basic rundown. Pants built for motorcycling will feature heavy-duty fabrics that are durable, long-lasting, reinforced in the right places and stretch where you need them. Your child will appreciate such features as they get comfortable in the saddle and maybe experience a few get-offs. There’s less for them to worry about when they know rips and tears won’t come easy. Of course, they’ll also love the vibrant colors from brands like Bilt, Fox Racing and O'Neal plus the opportunity to match their jersey and helmet!

Getting the right size for youth pants is important. We suggest checking out this sizing guide tutorial first as a primer then contacting our team of Gear Geeks to help you along. You’ll be doing the young rider in your life a huge favor by giving them proper attire for all types of terrain.