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Gore-Tex Motorcycle Gear

Dainese D-Cyclone Gore-Tex Jacket
2 colors available
Klim Overland Pants (Size 28 Only)
$327.99 - $351.99 $409.99 Sale 20% Off!
2 colors available
Dainese Scout EVO Gore-Tex Gloves
$134.96 $179.95 Sale 25% Off!
2 colors available
Dainese Atlantik D1 Gore-Tex Jacket [Size 58 Only]
REV'IT! Chronos GTX Jacket
$349.99 $669.99 Sale 48% Off!
2 colors available
Dainese D-Explorer Gore-Tex Pants
3 colors available
Rukka AirMan Jacket
$629.30 $899.00 Sale 30% Off!
4 colors available
Dainese Carve Master Gore-Tex Jacket
$472.46 $629.95 Sale 25% Off!
3 colors available
SIDI Adventure Gore-Tex Boots
$399.00 $550.00 Sale 27% Off!
Klim Badlands Pants
$649.99 - $669.99
3 colors available
Held Air N Dry Gloves
2 colors available

The holy grail of weather protection and comfort, Gore-Tex is one of those rare technological innovations that demolishes a previously-accepted trade off, making “the best of both worlds” really possible. In the case of Gore-Tex, it has the unique ability to shed water while remaining breathable - absolutely crucial for inclement weather comfort. Ask any die-hard ADV rider what the difference is between Gore-Tex and other proprietary waterproof membranes, and they will tell you the same thing - it’s easy to make something waterproof, but achieving a waterproof garment that is also breathable is the trick - the most important factor for rider comfort - and that is what Gore-Tex makes possible. Backed by an unrivaled lifetime warranty on the material itself beyond any individual garment manufacturer’s own guarantee, Gore-Tex is the genuine article - offering breathability, quality, and weather protection without compromise.