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Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots

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If you haven’t experienced the magic of Gore-Tex motorcycle boots, it’s tough to believe. If you have, then you know exactly what this breathable, lightweight, and waterproof membrane brings to the table. These riding boots and shoes combine all of the unparalleled properties of Gore-Tex with the protective materials and construction techniques implemented by the best names in the industry. Gore-Tex won't allow their technology to be used without a thorough vetting of the manufacturing process, so if you see the Gore-Tex name on any motorcycle footwear, you know it's waterproofing you can count on. Whether you’re looking for a pair of Gore-Tex riding boots to keep you comfortable on your cross-country tour, or a pair of more casual waterproof motorcycle shoes to keep you dry through a rainy commute and the workday that follows, we’ve got the selection you need from the world's leading names in performance and style. Styles range from casual to sporty to full-on adventure worthy, and every pair brings with it the proven waterproof capabilities of Gore-Tex.