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Dainese Textile Jackets

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Textile jackets have been used by motorcyclist for decades, and for good reason. They use a blend of fabrics that each have their own unique purpose in the system. Manufactures strategically placed the unique fabrics throughout their jackets for optimum performance. With the large variety of textiles available, manufactures can design jackets to handle just about any riding conditions.

Dainese provides a wide range of specialized textile jackets that are built to the highest standards. For riders that demand lightweight, highly ventilated jackets to protect them on weekends filled with spirited rides, Dainese makes them. For riders that live for the extreme and call their jackets home, Dainese makes textile jackets suitable for their upcoming adventures.

Dainese focuses as much attention on their heritage and traditions as they do pushing the envelope to produce their next iteration of textile jackets that will eventually develop their own history and tell their own stories. Below is a mixture of new and old, tradition and innovation.

The Dainese Air-Flux Textile Jacket has been a staple in Dainese’s lineup for years. The Air-Flux Textile Jacket was designed for riders looking for simplicity in the summer riding months. It’s for riders that need two things: protection and comfort. To protect against abrasion, Dainese incorporated D-Stone fabric in the impact areas. Boomerang mesh was added to areas less prone to impact for maximum ventilation. The Dainese Air-Flux has classic lines and a standard cut with little pre-curve.

The Air-3 Textile Jacket is a step up from the Air-Flux in that its strategically placed abrasion resistant textile fabric has more coverage in the impact areas without limiting the mesh’s ability to ventilate. The Dainese Air-3 also has a slight pre-curve. Dainese added more adjustability in the arms for a more tailored fit.

New for 2014, the Dainese Laguna Seca Jacket goes in a different direction compared to the Air-Flux and Air-3. It’s more of a three season cool weather riding jacket. The Laguna Seca Textile Jacket is just that, a textile jacket. There is very little ventilation built into the Duratex fabric but, the protective properties are amplified because the Laguna Seca doesn’t have any exterior mesh. In addition to the small amount of ventilation, the Dainese Laguna Seca Textile Jacket has a removable thermal liner to stretch riders into the cooler months of the year.

Backtracking to sweet summer time, the Air-Frame Jacket takes comfort to a whole new level. The Dainese Air-Frame Textile Jacket is the most ventilated textile jacket Dainese offers. Dainese couldn’t squeeze enough Boomerang mesh into the Air-Frame. In addition to its free-flowing chassis, the Dainese Air Frame has a ton of adjustability built-in along the arms, collar and waist.

The Dainese Crono Textile Jacket takes a few pages from the Laguna Seca Textile Jacket’s design book. It’s a two to three season cool weather riding jacket for the sport / sport touring riders. The Crono’s tightly woven Duratex exterior acts like a wind blocker, while providing a high level of abrasion resistance. Dainese coupled the Duratex exterior with a removable thermal liner underneath. Having the option to add / remove the thermal liner allows riders to regulate their jacket’s internal climate for the most comfortable experience.

One of our favorite textile jackets from Dainese is the Super Speed Textile Jacket. Dainese threw everything but the kitchen sink at the Super Speed to make it one of the most comfortable, protective and versatile jackets in their line. The Dainese Super Speed Textile Jacket starts with an exterior chassis that’s designed with protection and comfort in mind. Like we’ve seen in previous models, the Super Speed jacket utilizes a balance of Duratex fabric in the impact areas and Boomerang mesh in areas less prone to impact for complete comfort in warm temperatures. The Dainese Super Speed Jacket has aluminum shoulder inserts for additional protection. Behind the elbows and shoulder blades are high quality accordion stretch panels for complete control in the riding position. Rounding out the mix is a removable windproof insert that enables riders to extend the Dainese Super Speed into cooler temperatures.

The hybrid of the bunch is the Dainese Air Frazer Jacket. Is it textile or leather? It’s both! Dainese upped the ante with the Air Frazer. They took their beloved Duratex fabric and tossed it to the side. Then, they grabbed 750 denier Cordura, washable cow leather and Boomerang mesh and got to work. The Dainese Air Frazer is the most abrasion resistant jacket in their summer line without compromising the Air Frazer’s ventilative properties.

The Dainese Teren D-Dry Jacket is an all-weather system that has the features needed to ride through any condition. The Teren Jacket is equipped with Cordura Comfort fabric, which has forgiving elastication built in. Huge chest and back vents allow air to circulate around the body and exhaust moisture. Underneath the exterior layer are two removable liners. The first liner is a waterproof and breathable D-Dry membrane keeping riders dry during the occasional rain storm. The next layer is a thermal liner, which insulates riders bodies is near-freezing temperatures. Dainese added numerous pockets for storage and multiple adjustment points for a perfect fit no matter the body type. The Dainese Teren D-Dry is an adventure rider’s dream and Mother Nature’s worst nightmare.

Dainese continues to improve upon tried-and-true designs to better themselves, their brand and their customers. No matter the challenge, Dainese makes a textile jacket that will keep your focus on the task at hand and work seamlessly with your riding style.

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