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Video: Is this the wildest street race you ever saw?

Nov 30, 2016

You don't need a liter sport bike and the Isle of Man for some insane street racing. All it takes is a couple of hopped-up scooters and two very competitive riders spurred on by a social media feud. The result is a street race in the Philippines that makes the Macau Grand Prix look as safe as a ride on the merry-go-round. 

This supposedly started with some trash talking on Facebook and was settled on the public roads. I don't know who calculated the claim that $20,000 was wagered on the race. I just know these guys clearly felt honor or money or something was worth dying for. Every time they crossed the center line to apex a lefthand curve, I cringed about the thought of a truck coming around the bend. Given those potential repercussions, it's easy to see how they shrugged off the possible legal consequences. If there were any. Notice the police car passing by at the 2:25 mark, seemingly without any interest.

One other thing that occurred to me watching this. What does it say about how weak motorcycle racing is in the United States when an illegal street race between two hopped-up scooters in the Philippines draws more spectators than the Daytona 200?