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The exact year is uncertain, but Lance has been riding motorcycles roughly since the earth's crust cooled enough to stop melting the tires. He has worked as a news reporter, writer, editor and translator (habla español) for almost as long. Now, he's RevZilla's chief word guy, making sure the stories make sense and our lawyer doesn’t receive any notices of libel suits.

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No U.S. WSBK for 2019, MotoAmerica stays the same

Nov 08, 2018 Comments 11

Lighter, more powerful BMW S 1000 RR gets variable valve timing

Nov 06, 2018 Comments 15

Aprilia gives you wings — and 217 horsepower

Nov 04, 2018 Comments 27

The most moto-centric city in Europe takes a swipe at motorcycles

Oct 31, 2018 Comments 164

Alta Motors says thanks for the memories

Oct 18, 2018 Comments 28

Did MotoAmerica's overhaul of its racing classes work out?

Oct 09, 2018 Comments 62

This year, Team Puerto Rico at the Motocross of Nations actually means something

Oct 07, 2018 Comments 19

2018 Ducati SuperSport S review

Sep 14, 2018 Comments 76