Common Tread

The most insane motorcycle race of all

Nov 14, 2014

Yesterday, Lemmy got all excited about the start of the Baja 1000, but on the other side of the world, there's another race this weekend that is likely the most insane motorcycle race of all: the Macau GP.

When it comes to racing on public roads (the paved kind, not the Baja kind), the Isle of Man TT gets most of the attention in the English-speaking and Western worlds, perhaps just because it's more accessible to the European and American racers, writers, filmmakers and others who influence our moto-agenda. The Isle of Man is great — and deadly serious — stuff, no doubt. Great footage of airborne racebikes and riders skimming centimeters from stone walls are legendary.

The Macau GP is like that in a barrier-lined urban canyon. At least on the Isle of Man, you could potentially crash and land in a soft, grassy bank. No chance of that at Macau.

Watch this preview video, enjoy the onboard section, and dish out some respect.