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Video: Watch Guy Martin chase Michael Dunlop around the Isle of Man

Apr 21, 2015

Grab a Coke, some popcorn, and maybe a diaper or two, turn the lights down low, and your speakers up to 11. This onboard footage is the definition of fast.

Guy Martin released this video recently, showing him on his Tyco Suzuki Superbike chasing Michael Dunlop's BMW S 1000 RR in the Isle of Man TT.

Both riders are set to race in this year's event (starting June 6), though both riders have moved for the 2015 season. In Martin's case, he's actually staying with the same team and it's the whole team that's moving from Suzuki to BMW. Dunlop has moved to the official Yamaha team and will be riding the new YZF-R1 in this year's Isle of Man TT, Northwest 200, and Ulster Grand Prix.

It was widely rumored that Martin was seriously contemplating retirement, and that it was the move to BMW that kept him on Team Tyco and racing for an additional year. Those rumors included the possibility that he would replace Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear.

I made the poor decision of opening this video up while on the couch, catching up on Game of Thrones with the gf. I looked over to see her staring at the screen in horror and I immediately began trying to diffuse the situation.

"I don't ride even close to this fast, I swear!" "I don't lean that far over either!" "These guys are the best of the best — the roads are all closed and they have the course memorized."

Despite my best efforts, she still brings it up every single time I say I'm headed out for a ride.

Be smarter than me. Make sure he or she is out of the room and out of earshot of your gasps as you watch.