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Video: Rider fights off motorcycle-jacking felon on the run from cops

Mar 25, 2016

Brandon Jenkins was just a few blocks from home on an ordinary afternoon commute on his Suzuki in Mesa, Ariz., when he was violently attacked from behind with no warning.

What Jenkins didn't know was that his attacker, identified by police as Joshua Monigold, was fleeing police in a stolen truck. He apparently decided he'd have a better chance if he took Jenkins' sport bike.

The good news: Jenkins was able to use his military training to fight off the attack. The bad news: when he gave up and drove off in the pickup truck, the assailant ran over the motorcycle, likely destroying it. The entire episode was caught on video from the air.

Jenkins was later interviewed by KTVK about his ordeal.

Let's hope he gets a new bike and his future commutes don't resemble more hazardous duty.

Update: Kawasaki gave Jenkins a new ZX-6R to replace his destroyed bike.

After having his motorcycle destroyed by a would-be-thief, Army veteran Brandon Jenkins got a big surprise this morning on our show! Thanks to Island Powersports

Posted by FOX & Friends Weekend on Saturday, March 26, 2016