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Common Tread

Video: This morning commute will wake you up

Jan 26, 2016

Some people say it's boring commuting by motorcycle.

Maybe. Sometimes. Not this morning, for the rider in this video.

I thought about running the video of the Florida hooligans who decided the way to "celebrate" Martin Luther King Jr. day was to ride unlicensed ATVs the wrong way on public streets. Thought about it for about 0.25 seconds. Instead, in the spirit of our collection of videos of motorcyclists doing good, I decided to share this video.

Here a commuter keeps an eye on a police chase, halts the suspect's car as it tries to roll away on its own, gets a few thousand commuters to work faster by moving the car out of the center of the bridge and saves a few more a flat tire by picking up debris. All while car drivers either go on about their business and do nothing to help or, worse, just get in the way while he's trying to move the car off the travel lanes.

Watching this video, not for the first time do I imagine those of us who commute by motorcycle as the barracudas in a sea of clueless flounders.

All in a morning ride.