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Video: 360-degree ride on the world's fastest electric motorcycle

Mar 18, 2019

Consider Eva Håkansson obsessed with speed.

She built, owns, and rides KillaJoule, the world’s fastest electric motorcycle.  KillaJoule is technically a sidecar racer with its aero-clad outrigger to provide greater stability at speed, which isn’t such a bad idea at 270 mph. A crash at land speed record pace is something to avoid.

Australia’s Lake Gairdner salt flats are like Bonneville down under, and that’s exactly where you take your 400-horsepower electric racer. After all, this streamliner needs a little room to get the most out of its 800 ft-lbs of torque! Powering the KillaJoule is a 300-pound battery pack (375V, 10kWh). The frame is 4130 chrome-moly steel, with fiberglass-epoxy composite and aluminum for the bodywork. Dual chutes and disc brakes slow down the “bike." With a 150-inch wheelbase and a 1,540-pound record-attempt-ready weight (including rider), the KillaJoule basically does one thing very, very well.

The KillaJoule without its aero covers. Eva Håkansson Racing photo.

And its all-important top speed? 270.224 mph. Although Eva’s run in the video doesn’t top that, just watch the controls shaking in her hands!