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Common Tread

Video: Today's luckiest man alive

Feb 27, 2018

Instagram user hammy_moto is today's luckiest man alive.

After a speed wobble on his Z1000, Mr. Hammy separated from his bike and slid into the next lane… right into the path of a semi truck.

Sliding under a semi would be miraculous by itself, but this near-death experience is even nearer because of the trailer’s aerodynamic side skirting, which cuts the passable opening down to just a few feet. Not only does Hammy clear the first opening, but his slide carries him out the other side to the highway shoulder. The video doesn’t show how the wobble started (I’d bet a wheelie gone wrong), but he walked away from the slide with “virtually no injury,” according to his Instagram.

In another post, he writes “I've always been over confident and cocky as a rider, this just goes to show no matter how good you think you are, it can happen.... and yes, I got it on video." Which is good, because otherwise, who would believe it?