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Highside/Lowside motorcycle podcast

Nov 10, 2019

Riding friends. Everyone’s got ‘em. Sometimes you agree with them completely. Other times they are so completely incorrect you can hardly believe what they are saying is part of the English language. But one thing is for sure, those conversations always make motorcycling better.

That simple truth was the genesis for the RevZilla Highside/Lowside podcast. Thanks to listeners like you, we’ve come a long way from our first episode in February 2019. Now in Season 7, and in conjunction with our new sponsor Motul, we’ve got a new format, new guests, new topics, and all of the same opinions, expertise, and personality that you’ve come to expect from the crew in the RevZilla studio.

HS/LS S7 E10: Motorcycles that changed history

Spurgeon and Zack are joined by Common Tread Managing Editor Lance Oliver and all three choose two motorcycles they feel you should know about. Far from a definitive history of significant motorcycles, this is more of a subjective discussion of a few models these three find interesting. Some of their choices probably aren't what you'd expect.

HS/LS S7 E9: Doodle on a Motorcycle

Popular YouTube content creator Doodle on a Motorcycle joins Spurgeon and Zack to talk about how she got started riding motorcycles despite coming from a family where nobody rode, share some of the tips she's learned and experiences she's had from her many road trips, and discuss her perspective as a woman rider traveling solo and building a community in the motorcycle world.

HS/LS S7 E8: Electric motorcycles with Ryan F9

Zack and Spurgeon are joined by their favorite guest from Canada, Ryan F9, to talk about the good and bad, the promises and disappointments, of electric motorcycles. Will electrics ever displace the internal-combustion motorcycles we've come to know? Or will motorcycles of the future take some other form? Our trio takes on all angles of the topic in episode eight.

HS/LS S7 E7: Are trikes bikes?

The podcast takes on the topic of three-wheelers. Are they motorcycles or something else? Two wheels in front or in back? What if they have a steering wheel instead of a handlebar (Polaris Slingshot)? What if they lean (Yamaha Niken)? RevZilla's Spenser Robert joins your hosts Zack Courts and Spurgeon Dunbar to discuss.

HS/LS S7 E6: Mount Rushmore of motorcycle engines — Touring edition

If Mount Rushmore featured motorcycle engines instead of the profiles of dead presidents, what would be up there? Spurgeon and Zack are joined by our J&P Cycles colleague Patrick Garvin to debate what's the best powerplant for getting you down the road when the road is long.

HS/LS S7 E5: The Moto Dating Game is back!

Episode five brings the return of the Moto Dating Game, in which your hosts Spurgeon and Zack try to match up riders with the right bike for their needs. This episode's Dating Game contestants range from a five-year rider who wants something practical and comfortable for long commutes and out-of-town trips to an experienced rider who wants to sharpen her skills by doing track days.

HS/LS S7 E4: Best Beginner Bikes: The CTXP post-show breakdown

The latest CTXP video tested five very different motorcycles with only one thing in common: They are all potentially good choices as a first motorcycle for a new rider. But of course there are a lot more than five good choices for a beginner bike these days. So in this episode of Highside/Lowside, Ari Henning joins Zack and Spurgeon as the go more in depth on the different categories of motorcycles and specific models that might make a good choice for a first ride. It's a great resource for an aspiring rider and even experienced riders are likely to learn something about the many new accessible motorcycles on the market today.

HS/LS S7 E3: Kawasaki ZX-4RR: Drool-worthy or fool-worthy?

Zack and Spurgeon take a closer look at one of the most interesting new motorcycles of 2023, the Kawasaki ZX-4RR 400 cc sport bike. They're joined by Abhi Eswarappa, founder of the Bike-urious website and co-founder of the Iconic Motorbikes online auction site. Abhi is not only a fan of small motorcycles, but he's also gained encyclopedic knowledge from watching thousands being sold over the years, so the discussion ranges beyond the ZX-4RR to other memorable fizzy 400s from the past.

HS/LS S7 E2: Motorcycling in India, the world's biggest motorcycle market, with Sagar Sheldekar

It's a whole different world on the other side of the world, where three times as many new motorcycles are sold every month in India than are sold in an entire year in the United States. Zack and Spurgeon get some insight from popular YouTuber Sagar Sheldekar. Plus Not The News, listener comments, shirt giveaways, and more.

HS/LS S7 E1: Talking about new motorcycles for 2023 with Common Tread editor Lance Oliver

What are the most interesting new motorcycles coming out in 2023? Zack and Spurgeon discuss that question with Common Tread editor Lance Oliver. They also cover Not The News, listener comments, shirt giveaways, and more.

HS/LS S6 E12: Season finale with Donut Media's Jeremiah Burton!

Zack and Spurgeon are joined by Jeremiah Burton, the man behind Donut Media's motorcycle content and lots of other projects. The guys grill him with all kinds of questions, and they also cover Not The News, listener comments, shirt giveaways, and more.

HS/LS S6 E11: More Listener’s Comments and Message from Spurg’s Dad

Zack and Spurgeon are back at it again with another round of listener’s comments from this past season of Highside/Lowside. Tune in to see if your comment gets featured and for a special message from everyone’s favorite, Spurgeon’s Dad, Spurgeon Sr. 

HS/LS S6 E10: The Real Deal with Moto Gear

The world of motorcycle gear is an intimidating place for beginners and seasoned riders alike. With ever changing standards and material science always advancing at a hare’s pace, sometimes it takes an expert to understand all the goings on with motorcycle apparel. Joining Zack and Spurg is RevZilla’s own product expert, Pat McHugh.

HS/LS S6 E9: Biggest Moto Blunders, European Edition

Highside/Lowside presents another episode, and this time, the hosts focus on the biggest blunders in European motorcycling history. 

HS/LS S6 E8: Motorcycle Navigation! From Maps to Apps

How do you navigate your motorcycle rides? Where are the best roads, how do you share them with your riding buddies, and what devices or maps do you use to get where you're going? Spurgeon and Zack are on the mics to explore the best ways to navigate on a motorcycle. Special guest and REVER co-founder Justin Bradshaw joins for an in-depth discussion that covers GPS units, smartphones, apps, paper maps, and more!

HS/LS S6 E7: Biggest Motorcycle Controversies!

For all the fun and positive experiences that come with life on two wheels, some motorcycling topics and laws are incredibly controversial. How do you feel about helmet laws? Loud pipes? Lane splitting? In this episode of Highside/Lowside, Zack and Spurgeon take a deep dive into some of the spiciest debates and divides you'll find among riders.

HS/LS S6 E6: First Track Day: What's Stopping You?!

Motorcycle track days are an incredible opportunity to develop skills while having fun. Spurgeon, Zack, and Jen Dunstan discuss the challenges of attending a track day, and how to overcome them.

HS/LS S6 E5: What makes a dual-sport and why it matters

Dual-sports are versatile, tough, and lightweight. What's not to love? Spurgeon, Spenser, and Patrick Garvin talk about the best (and worst) of the DS world.

HS/LS S6 E4: The WORST moto purchases

Zack, Spurgeon, and special guest Andy Greaser talk about regrettable motorcycle purchases, and how to avoid them.

HS/LS S6 E3: What's going on with Suzuki?

Suzuki is pulling out of roadracing, and it hasn't produced a new engine in years. Spurgeon, Zack, and Lance Oliver discuss the situation at Suzuki.

HS/LS S6 E2: Beater bikes: Ride, die, or save?

Ari Henning guest stars with Zack and Spurg to talk about which is better: preserving a motorcycle, or using it up completely.

HS/LS S6 E1: How many bikes in the garage is too many? HSLS Season 6 premiere!

Patrick Garvin joins Spurgeon and Zack to talk about the best number of motorcycles to own. Is it possible to have too many?

HS/LS S5 E12: An interview with Carey Hart

Spurgeon and Zack wrap up the season by talking with one of the coolest characters in motorcycling, Carey Hart.

HS/LS S5 E11: Some of Our Favorite Listener Comments from Season 5!

As we round the penultimate episode of season 5 for Highside/Lowside, we bring back a fan favorite, the listener’s comments! Spurgeon shows us a bit of his skills on the guitar and does an impression of Zack! How many times will these two guys mention the Suzuki V-Strom? Leave us some more comments!

HS/LS S5 E10: Imposter motorcycles!

Oscar Wilde said that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” On this episode of Highside/Lowside, Ari Henning joins Zack and Spurgeon to take a deep dive into those motorcycles that might just be pretending, the imposter-cycle if you will. Maybe they’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing or even worse, a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Find out and let us know what you think!

HS/LS S5 E9: Are Motorcycles the Cheapest Way To Get Around?

Ahh yes the age old question, “are motorcycles the cheapest way to get around?” With cheap bikes, low insurance cost, high MPGs it should be a no brainer, but the answer isn’t always as simple as you may think. Our most frugal of team members, Spenser joins Zack and Spurgeon to break down the pros and cons of motorcycle ownership and whether motorcycles are really the best transport for the frugal!

HS/LS S5 E8: Should You Modify Your Cruiser? When?!

Thinking about taking your boring stock cruiser and giving it some more ponies? Maybe you want to take a long trip and comfort is your goal. Whatever your intentions, Patrick Garvin joins Zack and Spurgeon to talk about the reasons to and to not modify your cruiser! What do you think? Do you have a mod that you absolutely love? Tell us about it.

HS/LS S5 E7: Our motorcycle heroes

Everyone has got a story and on this heartwarming episode of Highside/Lowside, Jen joins Zack and Spurgeon to talk about the most influential people in our moto lives. Don’t hold back, tell us who has made the most impact in your motorcycle journey!

HS/LS S5 E6: Essential packing tips for moto trips

Finally getting geared up for that moto trip you’ve been planning forever but not quite sure what to pack? Ari Henning join Zack and Spurg break down what you’ll find in their back when packing for trips on two wheels. Also, in the news, the Isle of Man TT launches live streaming service and Triumph completes the TE-1 Electric motorcycle prototype.

HS/LS S5 E5: The best spectacle in motorcycle racing: Off-road edition

The world of motorcycles offers spectacles of all kinds for viewers and dirt enthusiasts have plenty of options to choose from. Our very own Brandon WIse join Spurgeon and Zack to tell us about some of the best off-road events and races to watch these days. Tell us your thoughts! Did we miss your favorite, tell us all about it!

HS/LS S5 E4: The Moto Industry’s Biggest Blunders! USA Edition ft. Patrick Garvin

The world of motorcycling has had its highs and its lows throughout history. Today Patrick Garvin joins our hosts to discuss the latter, specifically the goofs and blunders in the ole US of A. Tell us if we missed any other flubs or mis-steps!

HS/LS S5 E3: The Moto Dating Game with Zack and Spurgeon!

Zack and Spurgeon take a stroll down motorcycle lover’s lane and play a few rounds of the Moto Dating Game. Will our lonely riders find their moto match? What do you think about the picks our hosts have chosen? Can you come up with some better matches? Tell us your thoughts!!

HS/LS S5 E2: The UGLIEST (and most beautiful) Bikes of all time!

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there are plenty of bikes out there that give you that fizzy feeling when you see them. Spenser Roberts returns to chat about some of those bikes as well as some motorcycles that you may want to erase from your memory. Tell us what you think!

HS/LS S5 E1: 2021 Motorcycles That Disappointed? What’s next for 2022?

Zack Courts and Spurgeon Dunbar return for season 5 of Highside/Lowside along with guest Lance Oliver to talk about the best and worst motorcycle releases of 2021 and what they look forward to most in 2022.

HS/LS S4 E12: A life on two wheels with Itchy Boots

Noraly, AKA Itchy Boots, joins Spurgeon and Zack on the season finale of Highside/Lowside. Get to know one of our favorite people on two wheels and find out what she thinks about some of the topics we’ve touched upon this past season. 

HS/LS S4 E11: Comments from YOU… and Spurgeon’s Dad?

On this episode of Highside/Lowside we take a look back at some of the comment’s you, our listeners, have left us throughout this season. Spurgeon’s Dad chimes in with his own thoughts on the podcast thus far! And Zack “the Jester” Courts makes good on his bet with Spurg.

HS/LS S4 E10: Sport tourers: Are they dead, or have they just evolved?

Spurgeon and Zack are joined this week by Lance Oliver to discuss the current state of Sport Touring motorcycles. Has the segment changed so much that it can still be called sport touring? Let us know your thoughts below!

HS/LS S4 E9: Loud pipes save lives and other moto myths

Do Loud Pipes really save lives? Or do they just make you lose your hearing? Plenty of moto myths floating around with even more opinions on each one.

HS/LS S4 E8: Build-a-Bike: The 2-Year Challenge

Perfect bike or Frankenbike? Ari Henning joins Spurgeon and Zack to talk about what kind of bike they’d build from whatever parts available. Do you agree with them or have they created a monster?

HS/LS S4 E7: Motorcycles for the Big, Tall, & Small

Motorcycles take all kinds of shapes and sizes, as well as the riders. Jen Dunstan joins Spurgeon and Zack to talk about different types of bikes out there and how a rider’s height and size might be a factor in choosing your next bike.

HS/LS S4 E6: The best motorcycle movie scenes (& some of the absolute worst)

In this episode of Highside/Lowside, guest Spenser Robert joins Spurgeon and Zack to discuss some famous and some not so famous motorcycles in movies.

HS/LS S4 E5: The wildest and weirdest motorcycle world records

Spurgeon and Zack dive deep into the Guinness Book of World Records to find us the wildest and weirdest motorcycling related world records. Find out what we think is the best, do you agree? Let us know!

HS/LS S4 E4: Harley's new model, Marquez's big win, and our favorite moto events 

We've been missing big events like MotoGP in Austin and shows such as IMS, so in this episode of HSLS Spurgeon, Zack, and special guest Patrick Garvin discuss the state of Moto events. Also, we speculate on Harley's new bike and take a look at Marc Marquez's big win in Germany!

HS/LS S4 E3: Motorcycling is dangerous! HSLS survival tips ft. Ari Henning

Motorcycling is fun, but it’s also dangerous. In this episode the guys, along with Ari Henning, talk about street vs. track vs. trail vs. moto-cross racing, and go through the dangers, safety tips, and mistakes of each.

HS/LS S4 E2: Two-up tales! Dos, don'ts, and dates gone awry on a motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is hard. Doing it with a passenger is harder. Spurg and Zack talk about some of their favorite stories as both pilot and passenger over the years.

HS/LS S4 E1: It's been a CRAZY year for motorcycles (& it's only June!) with Jen Dunstan

Spurg, Zack, and guest host Jen Dunstan discuss the bikes they've been riding since last season's finale, what the pandemic has meant to motorcycling, and what it all means for the year ahead.

HS/LS S3 E12: Talkin' Bikes with FortNine's RyanF9

For the final episode of Season 3 of HSLS, we invited our friend and fellow moto-media junkie, RyanF9 to throw on the headphones and join the podcast to do what we do best... talk about motorcycles.

HS/LS S3 E11: Answering our favorite listener comments

Spurgeon and Zack answer comments, questions, criticism, and other HS/LS fan mail in this full-length episode. The wide variety of topics covers everything from personal bikes to the latest motorcycle news.

HS/LS S3 E10: Harley Pan America, Hayabusa, KLR650, radar cruise, and more!

From Harley-Davidson's first foray into the world of ADV, to long-standing models like the Hayabusa and KLR, this episode of Highside/Lowside is all about the bikes that belong at the forefront of our mind.

HS/LS S3 E09: Mechanical motorcycle mistakes we all make

Spurgeon, Zack, and Ari debate the merits of working on your bike yourself versus taking it to the pros.

HS/LS S3 E08: Motorcycle mishaps... and how to avoid them

Spurg, Zack, and Joe talk about some of the less-than-pleasant rides they've had, and the lessons they've learned along the way.

HS/LS S3 E07: Best motorcycle tech

What's the best motorcycle technology to appear in the last 20 years? The worst? Spurgeon, Zack, and Ari debate the merits of rider aids, airbag vests, radial tires, TFT dashes, and more.

HS/LS S3 E06: South America to Japan: Dream trips on dream machines

If you could take any trip you wanted, on any bike, anywhere in the world, what would you choose? Spurgeon, Joe, and Zack stave off cabin fever with this hour-plus discussion about their dream trips around the world.

HS/LS S3 E05: Dumbest weather-related riding mistakes

Spurgeon and Zack take a trip down memory lane.. while it's raining, snowing, freezing, and more! Foul weather can strike at any time, and on a motorcycle, we have no choice but to face the music. Well, maybe not every time. Spurg and Zack also discuss some solutions and strategies that can save the day when dark clouds roll in.

HS/LS S3 E04: The best (and worst) motorcycle news of 2020

Spurgeon, Zack, and Lance review the biggest news of 2020, good and bad, from all corners of the industry. What went wrong? What went right? And how do the developments of 2020 shape our expectations for the next year? The guys leave no stone unturned in this hour-plus analysis.

HS/LS S3 E03: The 150-horsepower, 249-pound adventure bike (does not exist)

Spurg, Zack, and Joe discuss the traits of the perfect ADV bike (and how they would construct it if price was not an issue). From realistic (if not wildly expensive) ‘off-the-shelf’ options, to borderline impossibilities that bend the laws of physics, finding the best setup for an ADV bike ends up saying more about the rider than the ride itself.

HS/LS S3 E02: Likes/Dislikes: Triumph Trident versus Yamaha MT-09

Highside/Lowside returns for another episode, and this time, Spurgeon, Zack, and Ari discuss two new triples that demand a closer look. There's the new Triumph Trident, a retro-inspired middleweight that promises loads of fun for a bargain price. Then there's the revised Yamaha MT-09, a legend among modern motorcycles with its potent CP3 mill, new frame, uprated engine, and radical styling. Which bike's the one for you?

HS/LS S3 E01: Can a motorcycle be too cheap?

The guys are BACK and kicking off Season 3 of Highside/Lowside with a new-look, and the same great sound, as they talk about the most interesting topics in the world of motorcycling. In this episode, Spurg welcomes new co-host Zack Courts, as well as Common Tread’s Managing Editor, Lance Oliver, as the three discuss the pros/cons of buying a cheap motorcycle.

HS/LS S2 E12: How can motorcycling make a comeback? - Season 2 finale

Is the high tide mark of motorcycling truly behind us? How can motorcycling break through to the next level? Spurg, Joe, Ari, and Zack sit down for a full-length discussion about motorcycling, its past successes, its current situation, and its all-important future.

HS/LS S2 E11: Annoying things motorcyclists do; INTERVIEW: Zach Parham, President and CEO of J&P Cycles

Has a motorcyclist ever annoyed you? Lemmy, Spurgeon, and Joe are back on the couch for another Highside/Lowside to discuss their biggest complaints from around the world of two wheels. But don't worry, they didn't get off easy. The guys must also reveal their own moto sins.

HS/LS S2 E10: Our favorite motorcycle engines; INTERVIEW: Genevieve Schmitt, founder 'Women Riders Now'

The power plant is what propels us all forward, and some just do the job better than others. In this episode of Highside/Lowside, the guys discuss their favorite motorcycle engines of all-time. Whether it is the acoustics, performance, or overall look and feel, in the end it all comes down to opinion, and the fellas have more than a few on the topic.

HS/LS S2 E9: The best motorcycles under $3,000. INTERVIEW: Robert Pandya, owner of SpokesPeople LLC

Motorcycling is exhilarating. It can also get pretty expensive, pretty quick. Unfortunately, this keeps a lot of would-be riders from ever taking their first spin. In this episode, the guys discuss cheap ways to get into the game as they cover their favorite bikes under $3,000.

HS/LS: S2 E8 - What makes a motorcycle a cult classic? INTERVIEW: Zack Courts, motorcycle media titan

Is it the brand? What about the line and the style? Does a engine make it so? The guys are here in the latest episode to discuss what makes a motorcycle a cult classic. And stay tuned for an interview with Zack Courts!

HS/LS: S2 E7 - Best motorcycle mods for your buck. INTERVIEW: Chris Diaz, veteran, rider, and future Ph.D.

No motorcycle is perfect, and every rider is different. That's why we modify. Whether it's suspension or seats, exhausts or hand controls, one of the most common experiences for all motorcyclists is making the bike their own. In this episode, the guys talk about the most important modifications that they like to make on their own rides.

HS/LS: S2 E6 - What to expect on a vintage motorcycle? INTERVIEW: Jeff Kiniery, dirt rider and RevZilla's Director of Facilities

Old motorcycles are cool. They look cool. They sound cool. They are the epitome of the word itself. That being said, they can also be a massive annoyance. With old parts and antiquated technology, riding a vintage motorcycle is harder, less comfortable, and often includes far more repairs than a modern bike. On this episode of HS/LS, the guys discuss what to expect from these old machines, and if the upside outmatches the downside of it all.

HS/LS: S2 E5 - Is 2020 the BEST time to buy a used motorcycle? INTERVIEW: Ari Henning, writer, host and aficionado

This year may very well be the best year, ever, to procure a used motorcycle. The guys talk about all the reasons why, and Spug interviews the one-and-only Ari Henning in this edition of Highside/Lowside.

HS/LS: S2 E4 - The BEST and WORST Motorcycles of 2019. INTERVIEW: Yves Assad, motorcycle photographer

Whether it's motorcycles or movies (and everything in-between), mid-December is the time to start looking back at the 350-ish days prior and evaluate the good, the bad, and the things we are amped to see in the 370-ish days before we get to do it all again the following year.

HS/LS: S2 E3 - Bad motorcycle, or just bad for YOU? BONUS: Lance Oliver interview!

Everyone's got an opinion, and that's what makes it fun! In this episode, Lemmy, Spurgeon, and Joe take to task the question of bad motorcycles vs. bad matches between motorcycles and riders.

HS/LS: S2 E2 - Do you care where your motorcycle is made? BONUS: Chris Fillmore interview!

Does "Made in..." matter anymore? It's a question that stirs emotion, but perhaps it's just that, emotion. Times and technology have changed a lot about the world, and in this episode, the guys debate whether or not a motorcycle's geography of origin makes a difference. And in this week's interview, Spurgeon sits down with Pikes Peak legend Chris Fillmore to talk about some of the controversial decisions made regarding motorcycles at the event.

HS/LS: S2 E1 - Are you a REAL motorcyclist? And an interview with RyanF9!

The first episode of our second season of Highside/Lowside saw the introduction of a new, extended format, as well as one of the most often debated topics in moto-circles: What makes a motorcyclist a motorcyclist? On the outside, it seems pretty straightforward. “Do they ride a motorcycle?” But, as the guys get into, when you dive a bit deeper, there are plenty of nuances and “what if…” scenarios to consider. Also, big shout out to RyanF9! He’s a rad dude, with a great story, and we were stoked for his interview.

HS/LS: S1 E12 - Motorcycle sales suck... Do you even care?

It’s no secret, the American market for motorcycles has seen more lucrative days. Is it due to a more safety-focused citizenry? Are there more engrossing digital alternatives in 2019? What’s the deal with it all, and just as importantly, do you care? The guys discuss it all, and question how much it could impact those of us who make our way on two wheels.

HS/LS: S1 E11 - Will electric motorcycles end an industry?

Everyone has been so concerned with the question of whether electric motorcycles will be “good enough” that they haven’t asked the bigger question of “will they be too good?” It’s a legitimate possibility. And if technology has taught us anything so far it is that we should never cease to be amazed at just how relentless it is in its progress. In this episode, the guys discuss what an electric revolution might mean for today’s motorcycles.

HS/LS: S1 E10 - Are there too many types of motorcycles?

Having options is generally thought of as being a good thing. But is it always and without exception? The past few years have seen a proliferation of motorcycle types as manufacturers try to maximize their sales across all markets. It’s a pretty good reason, but the guys are left to wonder what it might mean for the industry as a whole.

HS/LS: S1 E9 - Should riders be required to wear motorcycle gear?

If you ride a lot, you’ve undoubtedly heard it: ATGATT (All The Gear, All The Time). You also probably have a strong preference for either side of the equation. Though gear is a great safety measure, is it really the government’s job to require riders to wear it when they swing a leg over their machines?

HS/LS: S1 E8 - Is technology ruining motorcycles?

Technology touches every facet of our lives. For the most part, it’s been a really cool thing. But has it gone too far in motorcycles? We can go faster, farther, with more comfort, and more safely than ever before, but in doing so have we lost at least a little bit of what it is to ride a motorcycle in the first place? Maybe, but then again, maybe not.

HS/LS: S1 E7 - Do motorcycles have soul?

How is it that we can care about something so much that is made of basically the same materials as our kitchen toaster? Lemmy, Spurg, and Joe discuss whether or not character is inherent in a motorcycle from the moment it is manufactured, or if that tug on your heartstrings that you feel upon ignition is only cultivated with time in the saddle.

HS/LS: S1 E6 - Is motorcycle racing dying?

Racing motorcycles is an expensive, time-consuming, and effort-exuding hobby. But it is also an absolutely enlivening experience. In a modern world saturated with copious amounts of dopamine-inducing screen time, is there still a place for the visceral, adrenaline-pumping experience of racing a motorcycle in reality?

HS/LS: S1 E5 - Small motorcycles: Does size matter?

It’s an age-old question; binary, yes or no? But it’s really not that simple. When it comes to the size of a motorcycle, it all comes down to what exactly a rider intends to get out of it. In this episode Lemmy, Spurg, and Joe tackle the topic and look to dispel common misconceptions about small bikes.

HS/LS: S1 E4 - Cruisers: Love 'em, hate 'em

They are still the most popular style of motorcycles on the road in the United States, for better, or for worse. Everyone has an opinion on cruisers, and the Highside/Lowside guys are no different.

HS/LS: S1 E3 - The best in motorcycles for 2018

2018 was gone in a blink. But that doesn’t mean the moto-ongoings won’t have an impact on the industry for years to come.

HS/LS: S1 E2 - EICMA 2018: Best bikes and big takeaways

When it comes to motorcycle news, there are few places where it drops like on the EICMA floor. As one of the most important motorcycle shows of the year, the 2018 version provided Lemmy, Spurg, and Joe plenty to talk about in this episode.

HS/LS: S1 E1 - Why scramblers aren't scramblers anymore

The Triumph Scrambler 1200 has gotten a lot of love since it was announced, and all the talk made Lemmy and Joe ruminate on the history, style, and future of the “scrambler” classification as a whole.

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