Common Tread

DirtQuake goes big-time with a TV deal

May 11, 2017

Could this be Lemmy and Spurgeon's (excuse me, Dirtbag and Dashing's) shot at international stardom?

DirtQuake, the irreverent "racing" event that originated in the U.K. and crossed the pond for an American version has now hit the big-time with a TV deal and plans for a series of events. DirtQuake announced the news this week that British broadcaster ITV will produce a show on the July DirtQuake event in Norfolk, England, and that's just the beginning. Plans call for a series of races in the U.K., Europe and the United States on "mud, snow and sand." You know, all the surfaces that are likely to make people fall down and go boom, which makes for good TV, it seems.

Common Tread was there almost three years ago to cover the scene when DirtQuake made its U.S. debut. In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, DirtQuake is essentially racing with all the obstacles removed. You don't have to sweat through years of training, spend a lot of money to buy a technologically advanced motorcycle, or even an appropriate motorcycle, for that matter. I'm pretty sure skill is optional, too. General oddness and a fun-loving attitude, however, are rewarded handsomely. As the narrator in the DirtQuake video below put it, the open classes are an opportunity for "garage-built showcases and shed-built deathtraps."

To get a better idea, just watch these videos of the U.S. event and one of the British DirtQuakes.

Ever since he failed to land that opening on Top Gear, Lemmy has been nursing his frustration, polishing his resume and searching for another avenue to global stardom. Maybe the expanded international and televised DirtQuake series is just the opportunity for him to leap from the regional obscurity of the Country Mile Race in Cuddebackville, N.Y., to rubbing elbows with the likes of Guy Martin, Carl Fogarty and Neil Hodgson. I'm fairly certain Lemmy has a few bikes he considers "garage-built showcases" that may actually be "shed-built deathtraps."