Common Tread

All the madness of Dirt Quake USA captured in video

Jul 11, 2014

If there was any chance, after reading my recap, that Dirt Quake USA didn't sound like the most fun ever achieved on two wheels, this little video should convince you.

Yes, that is a guy wheelie-ing out of the gate as his seat and gas tank fly off and yes, the lady in that Harley’s sidecar does look terrified. And no, you’ve never seen someone almost highside and then lowside a chopper in the dirt more gracefully.

From the early morning "I’m too hungover to be trying to figure out why this thing won’t run" stage to the "holy crap, a guy on a pizza trike is passing me" stage, this video perfectly encapsulates the entire experience. Check out more from See See Motorcycles and Sideburn and be sure to let them know you’re in for next year. We need to make sure they come back and do this again!

While you’re at it, watch this little video by our friends at MotoCorsa about their experience racing the TerraCorsa at Dirt Quake USA.