Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets 2017

Classic style. Contemporary protection. There is simply nothing like bona fide cowhide. Shop the best leather motorcycle riding jackets of the 2017 season.

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REV'IT! Gibson Jacket
2 colors available
Icon Hypersport Prime Jacket
$375.00 - $410.00
6 colors available
Alpinestars GP Plus R v2 Airflow Jacket
3 colors available
Dainese Assen Perforated Leather Jacket
3 colors available
Alpinestars GP Plus R v2 Jacket
4 colors available
Dainese Assen Leather Jacket
4 colors available
Spidi Warrior 2 Jacket
3 colors available

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Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Brand Jacket Name Price Fit / Style Armor Features Our Opinion
Dainese Assen Leather Jacket $499.95 Euro Elbow/Shoulder Aluminum shoulder armor, TechFrame mesh liner Technical sport / Euro mid-range jacket
Dainese Fighter Leather Jaket $699.95 Euro Elbow / Shoulder D-Skin 2.0 leather, super stealth, removable thermal liner Premium stealth, urban jacket
REV'IT! Blake Air Jacket $499.99 Race Elbow / Shoudler 1.3mm Monaco cowhide, 3D Mesh body, SeeFlex armor Aggressive sport mesh / leather combo
REV'IT! Gibson Jacket $469.99 American Elbow / Shoulder Pull-up cowhide, removable thermal, SeeSoft armor Vintage, cafe, casual leather jacket
Alpinestars GP Plus R Jacket $439.95 American Elbow / Shoulder TPU shoulder, accordion stretch, streamlined collar Best selling sport jacket made better
Spidi Warrior 2 Jacket $749.90 Euro Elbow / Shoulder 1.1 - 1.3mm full-grain leather, Warrior sliders, CE1 armor Top-tier race / track-day technical jacket

Top Rated Leather Riding Jackets

Iconic. Timeless. Unimpeachably cool. Without it, Brando would have been “The Mild One” and the Ramones would have been “sedate” instead of needing to be sedated. The leather motorcycle jacket is the most traditional, most identifiable piece of motorcycle gear ever made. It has amassed its own cultural significance beyond biker culture and carved out a niche as a must-have garment for not only motorcycle riders, but anyone with some combination of piss, vinegar, sex, drugs and/or rock and roll running through their veins. A veritable uniform for the displaced and disparate orphans of society, leather motorcycle jackets are so much more than protective riding gear.

And yet after more than a century of use, it is not obsolete. Quite the contrary — leather riding garments are just as relevant as ever, both in fashion and function. Professional motorcycle racers in MotoGP still use leather riding suits for protection from sliding on pavement. The leather jacket is not archaic but rather the archetype. And with so many cut from the same cloth (er.. cow?), and so many brands and designs from which to choose, those with armor and those without any added protection, perforated or vented — it can get a little overwhelming (not to mention the need for proper leather care). That is where the expert riders and reviewers of RevZilla come in. We have tested all the coolest top-rated leather motorcycle jackets in the industry over the course of the past year, and these are the creme de la creme. Your guide to the best men's leather motorcycle jackets available for the 2017 season.