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AXIAL Clothing

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Get smart about your motorcycle layering system with AXIAL Base Layer and Block clothing from RevZilla. A cold weather ride with a proper base layer -- like Axial clothing -- can make all the difference between comfort and misery. The Axial motorcycle gear line is here to punch winter in the mouth with cutting-edge features designed specifically for riders. See, the thing about layering is not about piling base after base on top of one another until you're warm. Because when you layer up incorrectly, you're going to sweat. As that sweat collects, it creates a cooling effect that can chill your core body temp. That's real bad news on a cold ride; the core focus of Axial clothing is to prevent this from happening so read on to learn more.

Start With The Axial Base Layer

The Axial Base Layer works by creating a balance between insulation and breathable performance. The Axial body maps high perspiration areas and places mesh panels in those regions to help dissipate heat and encourage air flow. The rest of the garment utilizes a 4-way stretch fabric blend for a comfortable fit, and an athletic profile with compression keeps the layer close to your body to eliminate bulk and reduce muscle fatigue. (Note: there is a regular base layer available with a looser fit if you prefer that to the compression model). To top it all off, Axial motorcycle gear is fast-drying, so should your base layer get wet, it won't ruin a long ride. You can even beef up temperature regulation in your helmet with the Axial Base Helmet Liner. Learn more about the complete base layer line with our exclusive video review.

Double Up With Axial Block

Some rides call for more than just a base layer, and the Axial Block line is ready to step up and hold back the winter chill. Now don't be mistaken: Apparel like the Axial Block Pants are not base layers, they are mid layers. You don't necessarily want to wear Axial Block gear like a base layer, except maybe for a short, casual ride. It is not designed to regulate temperature like the Base line. What items like the Axial Block Jacket do is combine wind-blocking properties, stretch fabric and fleece insulation. The key aspect here is a Freeze-Out windproof membrane that prevents the wind from blowing into gear like your Axial Block Jacket, pants and accessories. In any areas where the Freeze-Out membrane isn't needed, Axial utilizes 4-way stretch material so you don't move like a stiff robot on your bike.

There are a ton of different options in the Block line so you can build the perfect mid layer. Start with an Axial Jacket or Axial Block Long Sleeve Shirt in either a half-zip or full-zip configuration. Then pair it with Axial Block Pants cut with pre-curved knees that place you in the best riding position. Or you can select the Axial Block One Piece Suit for superior layering that racers will love. The accessory line is out of this world with options, as well. Fight the wind in your face with an Axial Block Balaclava, then keep your digits from going numb with Axial Block Glove Liners. Many items, including the Axial Glove Liners, are available in both men's and women's sizes. For more on how the Axial Block Long Sleeve and matching apparel works, click over to our full Block view review.