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Belstaff Motorcycle Jackets, Boots & Gloves

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The Belstaff brand from England has shaped the sport of motorcycle racing and the image of popular moto culture for more than 100 years — from nearly the inception of motorcycles themselves. With Belstaff garments adorning riders like Che Guevara and Steve McQueen in some of the most iconic moments of motorcycling’s cultural history, to say Belstaff has a rich heritage in motorcycling would be a severe understatement. Belstaff garments evolved alongside the machines and the culture, each influencing the other.

If you’ve seen McQueen make his famous breakout jump in The Great Escape (well, actually Bud Ekins for you sticklers out there) then you are familiar with the archetypal look of Belstaff jackets. In the moto-documentaries Long Way Round and Long Way Down, both Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman sport Belstaff jackets for the duration of their grueling adventures. More recently, Belstaff jackets have been donned by celebrities David Beckham and Kate Moss and have graced the silver screen in some of the most notable two-wheeled A-list appearances of late. This list includes upon the back of Brad Pitt as he pilots his Indian Scout in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Naomi Watts on her Russian Ural in Eastern Promises, and Tom Cruise as he rides his Triumph Scrambler in Mission Impossible III.