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AGV X3000 Helmets

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Some looks never go out of style, and the AGV X3000 captures the iconic late '60s vibe of the first AGV helmets designed for Giacomo Agostini. In the '60s and '70s, Agostini tore up the Grand Pix circuit with 122 wins, and this helmet is still cut the way “Ago” liked with a contoured chin bar that allowed him to lean against the tank. While the retro design does the talking, the AGV X3000 helmet is packed with modern features to back up its performance. An ACF composite shell provides solid protection compared to the classic models, and it weighs in at just 3 lbs., 3 oz. AGV pairs this with an on/off vent in the AGV X3000 visor and a genuine leather and micro suede liner to create a cool, comfortable fit. Simply put, premium materials and no-nonsense features place models like the AGV X3000 Super AGV Helmet in the top-tier of retro lids. Learn more about this storied helmet (and stay tuned for the AGV X3000 review) below.

DOT and ECE-Rated Retro Style

It's no secret the real appeal of the AGV X3000 is its iconic Italian look. Instead of hunting for an antique helmet with dated features, you can get all that classic style alongside a modern DOT and ECE protection rating. The AGV X3000 helmet is available in standard colors like jet black, matte black and white, but there are some rad graphics to choose from, as well. Go with stunning gold in the AGV X3000 Super AGV Helmet, or recapture a piece of history with the Ago #1 or Barry Sheene models. No, there's no cigarette holder in the Baz tribute model but you'll look the part in this signature lid that's loaded with Sheene's trademark stylings. Fine-tune your color scheme with additional AGV X3000 visor accessories in clear, tinted, iridium silver and yellow. We just know Ago would love the look! Learn more about this premium retro helmet in our YouTube AGV X3000 review.