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Abus Locks - Motorcycle Security

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As one of the top padlock manufacturers in the world, and with over 90 percent of the motorcycle and bicycle security marketshare in Europe, it is no wonder that Abus locks, chains and alarms are making a big splash in the US. Founded in 1924 in Germany, Abus is the lock manufacturer that the competition looks to when they're trying to update and innovate.

Abus Security owns all of their facilities and manages the entire manufacturing process from start to finish. From sourcing of raw materials to development of tooling and machining to design to manufacture, there is never third-party involvement. This allows Abus to deliver the highest quality product without ever having to inflate the price in order to pay a third party. Abus locks are stronger and 40 to 60 percent lighter than the competition, completely weatherproof and anti-corrosion, using proprietary hardened steel and tempered plastic in construction. For more on our nominations for best locks currently out there, be sure to click here for plenty more information.