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System 3 Wheels & Tires

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The world is your playground with capable System 3 wheels from RevZilla. Off-road conquests are achieved every day with System 3 tires -- are you next to carry the torch? Lead the way with the System 3 wheels and their trifecta of fundamentals. First to dig in is traction design, and System 3 knows this is about more than just knobby treads. Tires like the System 3 Offroad XTR370 combine durable sidewall construction, long-wear rubber compounds and proven tire widths with the right tread pattern for the job. But we're just getting started...

Dial It Up For Adventure

The second “3” in System 3 tires addresses strength, because of course you want a strong tire. In this case, "strength" means more than just thick rubber. You need a tire to match your load range, chosen terrain and potential obstacle set. System 3 designs a solution for every challenge, and our customer service staff has your back if you need expert advice on tire selection. From sand to snow to hardpack, let nothing stand in your way. We even stock beadlock models for the toughest, white-knuckle trails.

System 3 Style

Here we are fixated on the function of tires like the System 3 Offroad XTR370, but the third element in System 3 never takes a back seat. We're talking about style, and if your tires don't look slick, what are you even doing? Shined and clean or muddy, System 3 rims and tires will rage in any landscape and turn heads along the way. Make sure to select the right bolt pattern to match your vehicle, or use our “Select Your Vehicle” feature on RevZilla to ensure a product is compatible before you buy.