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Speed & Strength Jackets

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Speed and Strength is a company that does not limit themselves to just one category. Bold styles and a flagrant disregard for conformity flows through the entire Speed and Strength line, but nowhere is it more apparent than in their line of unique riding jackets. From summer mesh to heavy leather and even track suits, S&S brings an abundance of style to every riding segment. Whether you're riding a brand new CBR or a vintage Harley, Speed and Strength knows you need to look good, be comfortable and stay protected.

Not only do Speed and Strength jackets look the part, but they are designed to be as tough as the riders who wear them. With innovative safety, fitment and breathability features at the forefront, the designers at S&S are hell-bent on giving riders premium options without the premium price tag. From the track to the trail and every cracked piece of asphalt in between, Speed and Strength jackets are for riders unafraid of standing out from the crowd.