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Z Bars Motorcycle

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Here at RevZilla, we put the “Z” in Z bars motorcycle! These eye-catching and classic motorcycle Z bars are perfect for your V-Twin, custom chopper or cruiser. They’ll drastically change the looks of your bike while giving you a no-nonsense and aggressive feel from the saddle. There are plenty of reasons to tackle this upgrade, which we’ll explore below. The overall takeaway is this: adding Z bar handlebars to your bike is a fun project with instant payoff.

Bold Z Bar Handlebar Styles

Why stay stuck with stock bars? There are more than a dozen different styles of Z bar handlebars to pick from here at RevZilla! Consider the benefits of this upgrade: professional fit and finishes from all your favorite brands, including Biltwell, LA Choppers, TC Bros and more. These bars also come in a variety of diameters, from 7/8ths to 1 inch Z bars as well as 1 1/4”. Speaking of widths, narrow Z bars will let you filter through traffic without taking anyone’s rear-view mirrors along for the ride. Rise, of course, rounds out our measurements and we’ve got the tall 14 inch Z bars and Z bar ape hangers for a commanding presence on the road. Best of all, it’s rare that you’ll have to replace any cables and wires coming from the controls so this is a perfect DIY project if you’re looking to spin some wrenches.

Score it at RevZilla!

Turn heads and turn your bike with Z bars motorcycle that are a sure show-stopper. Score the right diameter, rise, fitment and finish and your V-Twin will be ready to turn heads. If you have any questions about getting the right set of Z bar handlebars that’ll fit your ride, reach out to our Gear Geeks and we’ll get you set up.