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Motorcycle Throttle Lock & Throttle Assembly

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Feed your need for speed with the top motorcycle throttle lock and throttle assemblies from RevZilla. The throttle might be the coolest part on your bike, especially when you roll it open on a straightaway! The job of the motorcycle throttle is to control fuel and air flow to the engine. As you increase speeds, the engine requires more air and fuel to keep up. The motorcycle throttle tube is located on the right handlebar of your bike, and a rolling motion with your hand opens and closes it. Over time, the motorcycle throttle assembly can wear out or break down, but we have the parts to get it back in top shape. Even if your motorcycle throttle assembly is in good shape, we have some excellent upgrades you'll want to check out.

Motorcycle Throttle Lock & Aftermarket Upgrades

Arguably, the biggest upgrade you can make is a motorcycle throttle lock install and this is for bikes that don't already have cruise control. The name is pretty self-explanatory, as it is a device that locks your throttle into place on long rides so you can give your hand a break. Just make sure you use our “Select Your Vehicle” filter before you buy to ensure the parts are compatible with your bike. In addition to throttle lock models, we also stock tubes, housings and key hardware you need to repair or upgrade your throttle.