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Motorcycle Headlights & Headlight Assemblies

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New motorcycle headlights can truly transform your riding experience. An LED headlight upgrade  will improve the brightness and quality of your light, so you’ll be able to see more and with better clarity after the sun goes down. LEDs are also more efficient, so you can throw more lumens of light down the road while drawing less power from your bike's charging system, freeing up more capacity for other electric accessories! A new headlight can really change the look of your bike too, so you can attain a sleeker, tougher, or more classic style with a relatively easy part swap. Our Universal motorcycle headlights can be fitted to a motorcycle with a few adjustments to the electrical system and mounting hardware, while bike-specific replacements can often be swapped out with no alterations. Modern motorcycle headlights improve your ability to see and be seen in a way that products from even a few years ago could not achieve. Combine that improved performance with custom styling and solid dependability, and you’ve got a strong case for an upgrade! Take a look at our full selection above or use the bike finder at the top of the page to narrow down listings to those that will fit your ride.