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14 Inch Ape Hangers

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Hang ‘em high when you install 14 inch ape hangers on your bike. These motorcycle handlebars are not only a popular height among the V-Twin and chopper crowd, they are sure to transform the fit and feel of your next ride. You can say goodbye to hunched-over rides and stretch your back and arms out with 14 ape hangers; it’s a win-win for those who’ve tried other riding positions to no avail. Of course, the king-of-the-road styling can’t be ignored, either. No matter your reason, 14 inch ape hangers are the way to go if you’re ready for a change of pace up front.

Look Like A Boss With 14 Inch Ape Hangers

The height of 14in ape hangers is the primary draw among motorcyclists looking to upgrade their handlebar setup. The gains here, as we’ve explored in the past, range from compensating for comfort to changing how the bike handles. You’ll also need to realize that 14” ape hangers aren’t the shortest — nor the tallest — currently available so it’s possible to go in either direction if you’re still in the decision-making process. Our Gear Geeks can lend a hand here so don’t commit until you’ve given them a call or shot a message over.

Look like the boss and feel like one, too, with 14 inch handlebars for Harleys, Indian Scouts and so many more makes and models. There are more selections to make when you shop, including chrome, stainless steel, gloss black finishes plus narrow widths Z bars and more in a range of diameters to fit you clamps. No matter which way you go, you’ll ride away with a component that’s capable of transforming your motorcycling experience. Not many parts can tout such a dramatic change so if 14 inch ape hangers have been on your mind, now’s the time to do something about it.