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Prepare for the worst with the best head protection. It’s that simple, and a MIPS motorcycle helmet offers rotational resistance from all angles — not just linear impacts. Just what is MIPS in a motorcycle helmet? For starters, it stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System and is a design out of Stockholm, Sweden that many major helmet manufacturers have incorporated into their offerings. It’s available to dirt and street riders as well as bicyclists so plenty of fellow two-wheel enthusiasts can sing the praises. If you’re considering a MIPS motorcycle helmet for yourself, read on for sizing advice and everything else RevZilla has to offer.

Nature Knows Best

Without getting too technical or taking a deep dive into the science, these safety features target rotational impact. Studies have shown that rotation, which causes the brain to move inside the skull, is a leading factor in major crash-related injuries. Per the firm that created this design, the safety system utilizes a “low friction layer, which imitates the brain’s own protection system and enables a relative motion between the head and the helmet.” Nobody likes to talk about spills, let alone consider the long-lasting impacts of a bad one, so this is your opportunity to steer clear of danger. By browsing what we’ve got here at RevZilla, you’ll find well over a hundred energy-displacing motorcycle helmets that meet MIPS standards. This goes for riders of all types and comes from all your favorite brands like Bell Helmets, Fox Racing, Icon, Troy Lee Designs and more.

RevZilla’s Got the Gear

Ideally, you’ll wear a MIPS motorcycle helmet and never have to call upon those features to protect you. As we all know though, crashes are sudden and unexpected. Be ready with the best MIPS motorcycle helmet. While you’re building out a new safety-conscious kit, consider the rest of our protective gear to keep you covered head to toe.